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Question # 1   How big is the tower area?
Answer:   The Tower area is 5 foot by 5 foot as measure from the outside of the 4x4 post.
Question # 2   How high is the tower floor height?
Answer:   The tower floor height can be adjusted to match you slide preference.  The design calls for a ten-foot slide mounted at a 5-foot height
Question # 3   What is the estimated cost for a single tower playground?
Answer:   A single tower playground with the slide and three swings should run about $ 650.00.
Question # 4   Does the tower come with a climbing rope?
Answer:   Yes.  The Instruction Booklet has a section for customizing the playground and to add the necessary component to add a climbing rope
Question # 5   Where did you get your slide and other components?
Answer:   My local home improvement store carries all the components needed to complete this project.  Also, you can find a wide variety of slides, ropes and swings at
Question # 6   Can the orientation of the tower be changed to give a different layout?
Answer:   Yes.  In the 18-page Instruction Booklet there is a section about customizing the playground to meet your desired outcome.
Question # 7   Are the instructions for the rope bridge included?
Answer:   Yes.  There is an appendix to the Instruction Booklet that covers the construction of the Rope/Cable Bridge
Question # 8   Are their instructions for a second tower?
Answer:   Yes and No.  The Instruction Booklet covers the construction of a single tower.  If you follow the tower construction sections again you can build the second tower.  The Rope/Cable bridge Appendix has information concerning attaching the two towers to increase playground stability
Question # 9   What type of wood did you use?
Answer:   I used pressure treated lumber for my project.  I have sold plans to folks that have used cedar and have good success, as well.  I realize there is a lot of controversy over pressure treated wood.  You should use the material that you feel is safest for your family.  There is a number resin wood options available in the market produce a nice product, as well.  If using pressure treated our unprotected wood the material should be sealed with a standard wood sealer to increase the equipment life. 
Question # 10   What other equipment is available?
Answer:   Literally, the sky is the limit.  We added a cargo net, and sand box by adding some length to the bottom boards.  On the internet and at your Home Improvement Center there is numerous enhancements that can be added.  This year we added a hammock between the two tower.  Now Mom and Dad can rest while the kids are at play.