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Congratulations!  You're taking a bold step to construct your own quality built playground.  If you're like me, you can't understand how simple things can be so expensive when bought from the "Specialty Stores".  If you have average talent and know the difference between a bolt and a screw, you don't need to buy an expensive kit, you just need a great design to show you exactly how to create your custom playground.  Well, here it is.  My package, pictured in the top left, comes with the following:


*                  Six  -  22" x 34" detailed drawings for a single tower playground with monkey bars, slide and swings. 

*                  One -  Eighteen page, step by step instruction manual in color on how to build a single tower playground.

*                  One  - Cost  breakdown sheet of all the materials needed for a single tower playground- so you can easily know the cost of your playground prior to buying the first board! 

*                  Plus - An Appendix section with additional instructions on how to construct a rope/cable bridge to join two or more towers!!


If additional towers are desired, simply follow the steps in the manual again which cover a tower construction. All the parts to build the playground below were bought at my local home improvement center, except for the climbing rope (I had it laying around).  Most people have the ability to build a playground like this but need a little help.  With these detailed instructions you can easily build a single tower playground or modify the design to build your dream playground.  As you see in the pictures below, I modified mine with a second tower with sand box and connected them with a bridge.  The instructions include a section on how to customize the design to fit your particular desire.   The materials for a single tower playground with slide, monkey bars and three swings will run about $1000, but will look like it cost much more.  You can easily add more of my features (additional towers, bridge, climbing ropes, etc.) to change the play as your child develops.  It's a great memory-making family project! 


My family and I built the dual tower playground in the pictures below for under $ 1000 dollars in 2002.  The cost have gone up about 25% since then, but it is still better than what the "specialty store" can offer.  This year we added a hammock between the two towers and now Mom and Dad can relax while the kids are at play. 


If you have hesitations, read what others have said about my product.  If you have questions, use the "contact us" page to email your questions..


The total price for my package is $37.00.  This price includes $7.05 for shipping and handling in US.  If outside the US, contact me for shipping prices based on location.  Shipping two or more items is $ 2.00 more.  


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